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PPI Labels Direct

Thanks for visiting ppi labels direct your one stop shop for Royal Mail PPI Postage Paid LabelsWe produce high quality easy peel self adhesive labels using Royal Mail compliant images to allow you to process your post quickly and appear more professional to your customers.

What is a PPI Label?

If you hold a Royal Mail business account you may have the facility to be able to produce royal mail ppi labels or printed postage impressions as the are more formally known. This method of posting offers a number of benefits including discounted postal charges, convenient payment methods and the ability to send mail internationally.

The Royal Mail Postage Paid Stickers we produce are essentially compliant designs created via Royal Mail which incorporate your Royal Mail PPI license number and the appropriate images depending on the class of post you are sending.

PPI Labels Ebay

Many of our customers are ebay power sellers and find our service invaluable in helping them post large quantities of items quickly and professionally. Many sellers have also had positive comments within their ebay feedback regarding the appearance of their packaging.

In recent months there have been rumours that the use of ppi labels for ebay  is not acceptable by the Royal Mail. Having checked these rumours out we can confirm that the practice is perfectly acceptable as long as the labels are produced within the directions issued by Royal Mail.

PPI Stamps

There is sometimes confusion between the term ppi label and ppi stamp. Actually in the most part these refer to the same thing however people have been known tohave rubber stamps created to literally stamp their ppi design. This method is not advised generally as Royal Mail has strict guidelines as to how the images should be used and a stamp can easily distort or miss some of these tolerances making the ppi invalid.

What Size PPI Label Should I use?

Many of our clients use a variety of different size labels and postage classes depending on the size of their goods. We provide 3 standard sizes on rolls of 1000 labels at a time although should you have any special requirements please get in touch as we are able to create ppi postage paid labels on a bespoke basis too.